Your love for me is like a hazmat suit.

The last time I saw your face. Roberta Flack never sang about that. First times being so much happier.

The EMT workers might have well been in disguise, their faces covered with masks. Masks above which peering eyes do their jobs, as gloved hands check pulses, probe with stethoscopes, fiddle with dials. Above the masks the eyes share kindness, concern.

I am not alone because I am surrounded by masked marvels who risk everything so I can have one last breath, one last chance to see this world around me.

Sad to think that these dedicated medical practitioners go about their days like this, their real selves camouflaged from the people who depend on them. For those of us fortunate enough to experience their dedication, these nurses, doctors, assistants, and technicians, they are an anonymous army, fighting a noble battle.

Stage director, novelist, Douglas Moser has one comic thriller on the way (James & Jim), a YA in the works (Pussy Boy). Once worked for the evil empire.

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